PR Launch Campaign


Drygate Brewing Co. was set to break the mould, and the world’s burgeoning community of craft beer drinkers needed to know how. Sharing the site of Scotland’s oldest, most iconic brewery at Wellpark presented a fresh facet to our challenge – it was essential that Drygate’s pioneering spirit of collaboration and creation set it apart as a destination in its own right for food and drink lovers.

An exceptionally thorough approach to traditional media engagement resulted in phenomenal international, national and regional coverage surrounding the launch of Drygate Brewing Co:

  • 11.4 million people reached around the world through opportunities to see and hear

  • 106 individual pieces of coverage across radio, TV, print and online in the eight weeks leading up to the official launch of Drygate

  • 3,294% return on investment

  • Subsequent collaborations with Edinburgh’s Gilded Balloon Comedy Club and London’s seminal industry festival, Craft Beer Rising