LUX created rich, engaging content with a distinct house style. By encompassing all aspects of the craft beer revolution, BrewDog’s blog became the premier port of call for news and announcements – even usurping traditional media as the ‘breaking news’ platform for craft beer lovers.

As hoped, BrewDog’s blog became an online hub for all things craft beer.

  • Unique monthly unique visits of 200,000+
  • Dominating page one search results for relevant, high traffic terms including ‘craft beer’, ‘Scottish beer’ and ‘IPA beer’
  • A destination for craft beer lovers and media alike with exclusive news and products launched first on the blog
  • A hub on content which was then packaged as the brewery’s monthly e-newsletter ‘Hop Propaganda’ and sent to 30,000+ subscribers
  • Key referral tool for the BrewDog online shop