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LUX ILLUMINATING BRANDS LTD (LUX) is committed to confidentiality and protecting our clients’ and our contacts’ personal information. Our Privacy Notice explains your privacy rights and how we gather, use and share information about you. We are a company registered in Scotland under number SC456008, whose registered office is at 27 Maritime Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 6SE (LUX).

Your Privacy Rights

You have various privacy rights under data protection law (General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (GDPR)). You have the right, as an individual, to object to how we process your personal information. You also have the right to access, correct, sometimes delete and restrict the personal information we use. In addition, you can complain to us and to the data protection regulator. The quickest way to exercise your privacy rights is to contact our Data Protection Officer: ​​Data Protection Lead, LUX, 27 Maritime Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 6SE, United Kingdom. Email: [email protected]

How We Gather Your Information

All information gathered by LUX will be shared directly from you.

To keep your data secure and allow us to stay in contact with you, please let us know whenever your personal information changes. For example, please let us know when you move your registered address or change your company name so we can keep our records up to date.

How And Why We Use Your Information

We need some personal information before we can provide our services to you, for example, to allow us to check your identity. The exact personal/business information we need varies depending on the type of service we’re providing and our staff will explain exactly what is needed. If you ever have a question about why something is needed you can ask us. In some cases we won’t be able to provide services to you if we don’t have all the personal information we need.

Sharing And Transferring Your Information

We only share personal information confidentially with our suppliers and other third parties where needed to provide you with the best agency services, where required by law or with your consent. These companies will not contact you directly unless you have agreed to that.

Our suppliers are companies/partners we have carefully selected to provide services to us such as videography, filmography, accounting and website management.

All of these organisations/partners are required to comply with data protection law and are regulated by a data protection regulator.

Keeping Your Information

We keep your personal information securely for as long as we need to for the purposes described in the ‘How And Why We Use Your Information’ section.

Your Consent

Sometimes we need your consent to use your personal information or accounts, for example when accessing owned social media channels. Where you have given us consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time.

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