Three Robins

Three Robins

Bringing a family-friendly oat drink to the table

The Brief

Entrepreneur, and mum of three, Karen Robinson approached us to create a brand for a new-to-market plant-based milk that would firmly put oat milk on the family table; from breakfast through to bedtime.

The Insight

The UK dairy-free milk category has grown at a staggering rate in recent years, accelerated by increasing consumer preference for oat-based products. Initially driven by coffee-culture, in just a few short years, oat milk has become the consumer’s top go-to, through a blend of sustainability, allergen-free and flavour credentials compared to traditional nut and soy-based products.

The Big Idea

Karen sought to create a sustainable, Scottish-based brand that would appeal to families and their needs. LUX steered the brand development towards a stand-out strategic and creative proposition, by honing in on the product’s family-friendly
qualities including flavour, nutritional profile and scope of application. For the brand name, LUX took inspiration from the Robinson family and their children. We created the full brand ID and packaging, all brought to life through bespoke illustrations filled with character, and a family-friendly tone of voice.

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