The Refillery

The Refillery

Joining the plastic-free revolution.

The Brief

With UK retailers creating some 800,000 tonnes of packaging waste each year, the time for plastic-free shopping is now. Leading the charge is The Refillery – a revolutionary new grocery store concept on a mission to consign grocery plastics to the landfill of history. To aid consumers in their transition to this new way of shopping, Refillery Founder, Kelly Wright, approached LUX to develop a brand identity that not only communicated the concept’s environmentally-friendly credentials, but also how this new way of shopping worked.

The Insight

74% of us are now more aware of packaging’s impact on the environment, meaning plastic guilt has well and truly caught up with us. Given the choice, 63% of consumers said they’d prefer to buy products in paper, steel, glass or aluminium but despite this, shoppers still need a helping hand on their journey to becoming plastic-free.

The Big Idea

With a contemporary logo marque alluding to the act of ‘refilling’, the brand identity we created expressed the uniqueness of The Refillery’s ethos, not least the shopping experience itself. Conscious selection of a deep, earthy green colour way further communicates a connection to the natural world and ‘doing good’ by the environment.  Meanwhile, a series of bespoke illustrations guided first-time plastic-free shoppers through the process, from selecting and self-serving, to weighing and paying. By employing a design style on both the in-store signage and shop frontage that focussed on aiding consumer understanding of the concept, we were able to further consolidate The Refillery’s ambition to encourage plastic-free shopping.

The Results

The Refillery was a hit with shoppers from the get-go, making it easier than ever before to join the plastic-free revolution.

product lines available, as The Refillery continues to expand its offering

pieces of plastic removed from the grocery supply chain

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh