Unleashing seafood's protein power.

The Brief

The performance of our 2018 Seafood Week campaign was going to be a tough act to follow. Working to a modest budget, our objective was to reinforce the message that a healthy diet should include two portions of fish a week; with success looking like an increase not only in seafood consumption but also in social media reach and digital engagement.

The Insight

Making use of Seafish’s own Experian data, we were able to develop three insights-based ‘reasons to believe’ that seafood is protein power. 1) Seafood is a part of a balanced diet. 2) Seafood offers choice and variety in flavour, format and price. 3) Seafood is a convenience food: it’s quick and easy to cook.

The Big Idea

With a broad target range of Brits aged 25 – 65+, we leveraged our channel selection carefully – targeting younger audiences with a social-media-first approach, and a PR-centric strategy for older consumers. Content was anchored in our ‘reasons to believe’ and included top tips, easy-to-follow cooking techniques and mouth-watering recipes. Our in-house studio created high-quality imagery including engagement-driving ‘swipe to swap’ content and meal inspiration. Meanwhile, a high profile influencer partnership saw popular celebrity chef – Rachel Khoo – broadcast live from Peterhead fish market; showcasing seafood as an excellent choice for convenient, balanced meals that are full of flavour.

The Results

Our Seafood Week campaign was once again hugely successful - this time creating a seismic shift that saw the dial move on consumer desire to eat more seafood. And all with just a week-long campaign.

increase in consumer desire to eat more seafood

increase in social media reach Vs 15% KPI

increase in social media engagement

winner for best food campaign at the Marketing Star Awards

Client Comments

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results of LUX’s Seafood Week 2019 campaign. Behaviour change campaigns are notoriously difficult to track, let alone see immediate impact. This campaign totally smashed that notion; it’s a masterclass in how you can change perception and increase propensity to buy in as little as one week, with – what is in the grand scheme of things – a modest budget.

Naomi McCann, Marketing Manager

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh