Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Making the landfill go hungry at Christmas.

The Brief

As millions of loosened belts can testify, Christmas is a time for indulgence. Sadly, with 60m meals thrown out every Christmas, harmful greenhouse gases are damaging our environment. That’s 3.5m mince pies, 240,000 Christmas puds and 100,000 turkeys that end up feeding no one but landfill sites.

The Insight

Our YouGov survey revealed there are three types of Christmas food shoppers: 1) Headless chickens looking for turkeys; buying way too much in a last-minute panic. 2) Proudly prepared people who are ready. But too ready. 3) Those with an armageddon-style outlook, stocked up for Christmas Day and an Apocalypse.

The Big Idea

We used these insights to speak directly to (over-)consumers in a way that would strike a Christmassy chord and prompt behaviour change. Characterising them as ‘Panickers’, ‘Planners’ or ‘Survivalists’, we created awareness through PR, video-on-demand, streaming, comedy-led social media content and highly targeted digital advertising. A fun, engagement-driving quiz helped the nation discover which of the three persona types they were, while useful food waste action plans guided participants on how to plan a waste-free Christmas with just the right amount of trimmings.

The Results

Our Christmas message was heard almost as often as Jingle Bells. Better still, discussions about food waste, not a traditional topic of festive conversation, flourished across a variety of online and offline channels; ensuring maximum awareness at the peak of the festive food shopping period.

Increase in Facebook engagements during the campaign

opportunities to see across TV and radio

Increase in website traffic to food waste prevention tool kits

for best integrated communications campaign at the Marketing Star Awards

Client Comments

“Throughout the campaign, LUX were attentive, creative, flexible and full of ideas for tackling the topic of festive food waste. Thanks to LUX we have been able to take huge steps forward in regards to brand awareness and engagement. We’re so pleased to have such a great agency on our side.”

Jamie Fleming, Food Waste Consumer Marketing Project Manager

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh