Italian red…but not as you know it.

The Brief

Create a bold wine brand for a new Italian sparkling red wine that challenges the category legacy and consumer perceptions.

The Insight

Whether traveling afar or exploring their home turf, today’s consumer is increasingly looking for authentic experiences by seeking out adventures which take them off the beaten path. For Laithwaites, this meant finding a new way to position their latest Italian fizz in a way that centered around experiences, instead of provenance and heritage.

The Big Idea

Capturing the excitement of being let in on a ‘little secret’, and the delight of unexpectedly discovering a hidden gem, LUX developed a proposition – ‘but not as you know it’ – positioning the brand around discovery rather than provenance and heritage,

The brand name L’Occhiolino – meaning ‘the wink’ – epitomises that friendly gesture of being in the know. This was supported by an extensive brand world, including a sophisticated yet playful typography-led brand identity and striking packaging design. A friendly tone of voice and contemporary creative treatment pairing leisure with luxury help shape a stunning ruby-red frizzante that truly sparkles amongst Laithwaites’ extensive selection of both Italian reds and sparkling wines alike.

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh