Flipping familiar wine territory on its head

The Brief

Create a new Argentinian Malbec brand that steps away from the conventional, and adds energy and excitement to the category.

The Insight

As Argentina’s leading varietal-led wine category, Malbec has long been positioned amongst the traditional cues of ‘gauchos & steak night’. For Laithwaites’ newest release to stand out and capture the consumer’s attention, this meant a departure from the status quo, and flipping this very familiar wine territory on its head.

The Big Idea

Taking inspiration from Argentina’s unique and idiosyncratic Andean flamingo, the striking ‘Inverted Flamingo’ brand took flight. LUX developed everything from the brand identity, the ‘Be More Flamingo’ proposition, full creative treatment and the eye-catching packaging. The fabulous branding and quirky tone of voice made sure that this take on a familiar wine varietal would stand out from the crowd amongst Laithwaites’ expansive offering.

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh