Creating a wine for the conscious consumer

The Brief

Create a wine brand for the modern, mindful consumer that has serious standout and can be used across a range of grape varietals.

The Insight

Now more than ever consumers are considering their impact on the world around them, seeking sustainable options that both look good and do good. A new and future generation of wine drinkers are looking for brands that offer them a conscious choice, without sacrificing quality.

The Big Idea

Shorthand for ‘without’, w/o is a brand that believes you should be able to have great wine without compromise. Partnering with winemakers from all over the world who share this ethos, they create beautiful wines that are considered, from grape to glass. The stripped-back brand identity, 100% post-consumer recycled Wild Glass bottle, simple one-colour label design and succinct tone of voice all demonstrate the idea that less can be more. These elements all come together to bring this beautiful brand to life in a subtle, stylish way.

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh