Hrafn Gin

Hrafn Gin

A story in every voyage

The Brief

Develop a compelling strategic and creative brand proposition for multi award-winning, premium spirit Hrafn Gin to elevate it above its category peers.

The Insight

In a crowded gin market, discerning drinkers are increasingly looking to brands they can connect with through a compelling narrative, authentic brand storytelling and engaging lifestyle-relevant content.

The Big Idea

Inspired by Viking and Norse mythology as well as the brand’s own co-founders’ adventures both as brothers and distillers, LUX worked with Hrafn Gin to ‘cut through the noise of craft’ and created a captivating brand world built around storytelling, adventure and voyages. This was collated in a striking brand handbook and is perfectly captured in a collection of stunning serves, which bring to life the stories and significance behind Hrafn Gin’s extensive portfolio of award-winning gins.

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh