Alba Cola

Alba Cola

Creating a contemporary cola with soul

Alba Cola

The Brief

Although Coca-Cola is ubiquitous, many countries have their own distinctive versions of this much-loved soft drink: from India’s Thums Up to Brittany’s Breizh Cola. So why not a Scottish cola? When entrepreneur – Chris Ewing – pondered this question, Alba Cola was born. Chris wanted to develop a cola brand inspired by Scotland, and he approached LUX to do just that.

The Insight

Consumer interest in a new wave of premium soft drinks is growing – with ‘provenance’ and ‘locally-sourced ingredients’ being key purchase drivers. For Scottish brands specifically, a sense of national identity has perhaps never been stronger. The time was right for Alba Cola

The Big Idea

We wanted consumers to feel emotionally connected to Alba Cola through a core proposition of ‘modern interpretations’ – inspired by Scotland’s evolution; its land, its people, its culture. ‘Modern interpretations’ sees Alba Cola find inspiration in what has come before, alongside a desire to look at new ways of thinking and doing – the result? A contemporary cola, with Scottish soul. The unicorn, the brand’s mythical masthead, plays a dual role – representative of Scottish identity but also of a modern interpretation itself – a symbolic creature that continues to be reinterpreted through generations. For packaging, crucial cues of ‘premium’ and ‘contemporary’ were realised with modern typography and a striking black and gold palette, ensuring Alba Cola thrives in a competitive soft drinks category. A 330ml can was our format of choice – convenient and recyclable for today’s ever eco-conscious consumer.

The Results

Within six months, Alba Cola was readily available; its bold design and delicious flavour securing over 150 listings. Today its distinctive design rubs shoulders with the likes of Fever-Tree and Fentimans, while receiving plaudits from industry commentators like Packaging of the World.

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Client Comments

“To now see Alba Cola competing toe-to-toe with very well established brands like Fentimans and Karma Cola, not to mention Coca Cola itself, is a huge milestone in the history of the brand. Our design is as bold as our ambition, while the brand proposition of ‘modern interpretations’ sets up future commercial conversations around new product development and portfolio expansion; all of which is very exciting.”

Niall Holmes, Business Development Director

27 Maritime Street Edinburgh