Cairn o’ Mohr Winery Celebrates 30th Anniversary & New Look at Norn, Edinburgh


LUX was delighted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Scotland’s oldest winery, Cairn O’ Mohr, with an unveiling of seven vivid new labels plus a selection of delectable canapés to match, at Edinburgh’s revered restaurant Norn.

The berry fruit winery in rural Perthshire has been quietly perfecting its craft over the years, started 1987 by owners Ron and Judith Gillies, who were armed only a few trusted tools and a ‘Teach yourself Wine Making’ manual. The success that has followed thereafter has been as a result of producing consistently high quality – and quality tasting – wines for a grand total of three decades, and a hat trick of such magnitudes most definitely called for a suitable celebration to match the milestone!

As the business also heralded its growth into supermarkets UK-wide, Cairn o’ Mohr sought to refresh its core range bottle labels. As such, LUX evolved the iconic Celtic designs with an updated graphic of the familiar peacock, with an added addition of Ron’s cheeky tasting notes taking pride of place on the bottle fronts. Our personal favourite? Ron’s take on the Autumn Oak Leaf:

White peppery, lemon-yellow, appley married. Dryish.’

The new labels can be seen on the following wine bottles: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bramble, Elderberry, Spring Oak Leaf, Autumn Oak Leaf and Gooseberry & Elderflower.


After the bottles underwent their transformation, it was time to throw them a suitable party. We teamed Cairn o’ Mohr up with creative dining experience, Norn, to host a tasting event for a wealth of media and special guests. The attendees were treated to seven glorious rounds of canapés, handcrafted by acclaimed Head Chef Scott Smith and his talented team.


An exciting prospect for any foodie – guests not only ate and drank their way through the innovative seven-course canapé menu, but also seized the opportunity to meet the makers, Ron and Judith, as they delved into the genius behind the business, as they provided a walkthrough of each beautiful pairing, and the tasting notes of the wines themselves.


Using local produce is a fundamental part of the wine making process, and at Cairn O’ Mohr local and seasonal produce is sourced from within a 25-mile radius of the winery. As a result, Scott selected sumptuous, innovative ingredients to create the following pairings:

  • Elderberry Wine: Pheasant ham, rye & elderberry jam.
  • Gooseberry & Elderflower Wine: Scallop tartare, celeriac & white chocolate.
  • Bramble Wine: served with pork jowl, salted plum, crackling and bittercress.
  • Raspberry Wine: served with hot smoked trout, beetroot & pickled raspberry.
  • Autumn Oak Life Wine: mushroom, smoked cheese & sorrel.
  • Spring Oak Leaf Wine: Chicken, radicchio & egg.
  • Strawberry Wine: Seabuckthorn, oats and pine.


As Ron himself might say (you only have to refer to the tasting notes of a certain Spring Oak Leaf Wine bottle), it most certainly was a juicy, fruity, nice and sweet evening, and a most apt way to cement the successes of this long-established business.


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