V Deep & Deliveroo

Social Media

V Deep & Deliveroo

The Challenge

Scotland’s first communal craft beer and curry bar, V Deep, reached out to LUX in November 2015 in order to devise a social media campaign to reach customers in the Leith area with news of the restaurant’s new menu and partnership with premium takeaway service, Deliveroo.

With an existing engaged social media following of over 5,000 people across Facebook and Twitter, V Deep sought to reach a select portion of this audience within a specific geographical location, as well as reach out to a host of potential new customers in the same area.

The Solution

LUX focused on building a geo-targeted campaign that would reach these specific consumers through a combination of segmented Facebook advertising and a location-based competition mechanic.

To align the competition specifically with Leith, LUX created a series of images which contained a well-known Leith landmark, partially hidden by a dish from V Deep’s new menu. One image a day was published on V Deep’s Facebook and Twitter channels, where users were prompted to post or tweet with their answers. Selecting one winner each day, a free lunch for two was delivered to their home or office.

Facebook advertising, targeting audiences by location, was used to reach the portion of V Deep’s existing fans already living or working in Leith. Alternative segments were built to target potential new fans based in the area. Non-fans with an interest in craft beer products as well as peer/competitor restaurants were also targeted.

Ultimately, this multi-faceted approach ensured that a relevant – and as large as possible – audience was reached, both in respects to location, as well as related food and drink interests.

the results

The Results

  • The competition received over 150 unique entrants
  • Within one week, LUX increased engagement on the V Deep Facebook page by 50%
  • Facebook reach increased by 250%
  • Twitter impressions grew by 32%
  • Twitter engagement rate grew by 25%
  • @ mentions of V Deep on Twitter increased by 160%
  • The combined total reach across both social media platforms was: 154,879
  • Winners shared user-generated images of their prizes across channels.
  • Daily monitoring and community management created additional conversation around the campaign, helping to boost engagement rate and encourage fans to use the Deliveroo service.