The Challenge

In 2009 BrewDog was a fledgling craft brewery with a small team, big ambition and a firm idea that they’d be doing things differently. That’s why they decided to invest in great quality blogging instead of paid-for advertising, with minimal PR activity on the side.

BrewDog wanted to generate an international following and cement a strong global reputation. Their blog needed to be a portal for customers and press to read about the craft beer revolution. As the brewery’s primary marketing spend, this blog had to become not only ‘destination BrewDog’, but also ‘destination craft beer’, with the promise of massive ROI.

The Solution

LUX created rich, engaging content with a distinct house style. By encompassing all aspects of the craft beer revolution, BrewDog’s blog became the premier port of call for news and announcements – even usurping traditional media as the ‘breaking news’ platform for craft beer lovers.

Our team created captivating content strands: ‘Brew Team Confidential’ was a direct and continual conversation with brewers at the Aberdeen HQ, giving the 101 on everything to do with their business. The ‘Meet…’ posts established BrewDog as an authority on craft beer by introducing other flourishing craft breweries.

When it came to reporting BrewDog’s own events, product releases, bar openings, pairing suggestions and more, the LUX team interviewed staff and propelled the content into the public conscience using the now iconic voice of rebellion. LUX even provided all photography for the platform as part of the package.

the results

The Results

As hoped, BrewDog’s blog became an online hub for all things craft beer.

  • Unique monthly unique visits of 200,000+
  • Dominating page one search results for relevant, high traffic terms including ‘craft beer’, ‘Scottish beer’ and ‘IPA beer’
  • A destination for craft beer lovers and media alike with exclusive news and products launched first on the blog
  • A hub on content which was then packaged as the brewery’s monthly e-newsletter ‘Hop Propaganda’ and sent to 30,000+ subscribers
  • Key referral tool for the BrewDog online shop